Chautauqua Ultras

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  • The course will be well marked and course marshals will be on the course for the first couple hours of the race to assist the runners with road crossings. If you do not see a sign to turn, don’t.
  • When running on the road, run on the side facing traffic. There will be a short road section when the runner will run with traffic and will be marked appropriately.
  • The runner must wear the race number on the front and must be visible at all times.
  • Each runner must make sure their bib number is recorded at the aid station so the appropriate number of laps can be counted.
  • You are responsible for your own health and each runner must know their own limits. If it appears the runner is having medical or other issues which may compromise their health and safety, the Race Director or medical staff reserve the right to remove a runner from the race.
  • No pets of any kind are allowed at the aide station or on the course at any time.
  • The trails will be open to the public during the race. Please be courteous to the other people on the trail or road.
  • If you decide to drop from the race you must notify a race official.
  • If you have a crew or family, aide may only be given to the racer at one of the two aide stations.
  • Uses of strollers or trekking poles are prohibited.
  • The use of headphones or ear phones are not prohibited but are strongly discouraged on the race course.
  • If runners will be continuing after dark then they must use a headlamp and reflective gear that can be seen from all four side.
  • Vehicles must park completely off the road. It is encouraged that crew or family members do not park on the roads being used for the race. The village has multiple side roads where they can park. Be mindful of the normal village traffic.
  • Absolutely no littering.
  • All rules will be strictly enforced. Any one who disregards these rules face disqualification from the race and may be banned from future races. These rules are for the safety of the race participants, crew, and family members and also to maintain the integrity of the race.